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December 7, 2018 



St. John’s, NL – A Dollar A Day Foundation co-founders Brendan Paddick, Dr. Andrew Furey and Alan Doyle gathered at Thrive CYN today to announce the Foundation’s first gifts in support of mental health and addictions care. On behalf of all Dollar-A-Dayers, they announced gifts totalling $60,000.00 to the Foundation’s first four beneficiaries, including Thrive CYN in NL, the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s HEADSTRONG program in AB, the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Living Life to the Full program in ON and the Salvation Army’s Harbour Light program in BC.

“We all know someone impacted by mental health and addictions,” says Brendan Paddick, Founder, and Dollar-a-Dayer, “There are so many organizations doing effective work, but they just don’t have the financial resources to meet the ever-growing demand for services that they are facing. That is why we formed the A Dollar A Day Foundation, we wanted to help more people get the help they need sooner.”

"Because so many like-minded people have decided to join us and give a dollar a day, we are able to have a larger collective impact on four fantastic programs that are doing great work in four regions of Canada,” says Dr. Andrew Furey, Founder and Dollar-a-Dayer. “We want to thank these organizations for their great work and each and every Dollar-A-Dayer out there for making it possible for their Foundation to distribute a total of $60,000 in our very first year”.

Executive Director Angela Crockwell was on hand to receive the donation to Thrive CYN from the Foundation. “We are very grateful to be one of the Charter Causes that A Dollar A Day Foundation has selected for their initial funding,” says Crockwell. “Our Street Reach program is facing greater needs than ever before, and this donation will help us meet those needs for young people in our community who turn to us for support.”

“It’s working! We are thrilled by the positive response the A Dollar A Day Foundation has received, and it continues to grow,” says Alan Doyle, Founder and Dollar-a-Dayer, “If we are going to make real change happen, we all have to be in this together, and A Dollar A Day makes it easy to make a difference. We’ve started with these four programs and the vision is to fill in the map right across the country with even more projects,” he added. “I can’t think of a greater Christmas present than the warm feeling that comes with doing something good for people who need help. I can’t thank my fellow Dollar-A-Dayers enough, because of their generosity this holiday will be a little brighter for so many. This is just the beginning. The little bits all add up! We hope everyone will join us - let’s keep it going” 


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A Dollar A Day Foundation was established in 2018 to raise funds to close the gap between the availability of mental health and addictions programs and the growing need for them. Founded by Brendan Paddick, Alan Doyle, and Dr. Andrew Furey, A Dollar A Day Foundation is a simple, affordable and empowering way to support frontline mental health and addictions programs. Everyone gives a little - A Dollar A Day. We put our small change to work for big change. And as we do, we'll create a social movement and build a stronger voice to make mental health a priority.

A Dollar A Day funds proven programs that are addressing the challenges that people are facing today. The Foundation looks for innovation, measurable results and the ability to replicate success in other areas of the country, with a goal to fund programs in every region of Canada. Individuals can sign up to give their dollar a day either monthly, quarterly or annually, based on their personal circumstances and preference, all in support of mental health and addictions services in Canada.

For more information about A Dollar A Day Foundation, or to become a Dollar-A-Dayer, please visit www.adollaraday.ca. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook @adollaradayfdn.

A Dollar A Day Foundation is pleased to support the following four Charter causes: 

Mental Health Commission of Canada’s HEADSTRONG Program, AB - $15,000
Represented by John Abbott, MHCC Board of Directors 

The HEADSTRONG program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) was launched in Nov 2014 to change the way youth think about mental health, forever. Canada’s only evidence-based national initiative, HEADSTRONG gives youth the tools, confidence and motivation to Be Brave, Reach Out, and Speak Up for mental health in their own schools and communities. After over 70 youth Summits across the country and more than 10,000 evaluation surveys, HEADSTRONG is making a difference; to the youth who have handed over their suicide notes after listening to our inspirational lived-experience speakers, to the schools who report the positive energy that affects all their students.

Thrive CYN’s Street Reach Program, NL - $15,000 
Represented by Angela Crockwell, Executive Director 

Street Reach is a grassroots outreach service that has been operating in the downtown core of St. John’s, NL, since 2005.The program is guided by the principle of harm reduction and has two main components – outreach, and individual support. Over the past several years, the program has supported over 1200 participants who count on us for their basic needs, sense of belonging, and the real support they receive.

Salvation Army’s Harbour Light Program, BC - $15,000 
Represented by Major Rene Loveless, Divisional Secretary for Public Relations and Development, NL 

The Salvation Army Harbour Light has been a place of new beginnings in the downtown eastside of Vancouver for almost 65 years. In the midst of the opioid crisis, our addiction services continue to offer compassionate support for adults moving forward from substance use disorder. Harbour Light’s residential addiction treatment program offers a structured, progressive program that creates the recovery capital necessary to build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety and recovery. Through one-on-one and group counselling, 12-step traditions, and a variety of supportive programs, each client’s care plan is designed to support their individual mental and physical health, employment and educational goals, and dreams for the future. 

Canadian Mental Health Association’s Living Life to the Full Program, ON - $15,000 
Represented by Dan Goodyear, Chief Executive Officer, CMHA-NL 

Living Life to the Full (LLTF) is an eight-session, 12-hour, evidence-based mental health promotion course. It is designed to help people deal with everyday life challenges by learning teaching better self-management skills using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) concepts and techniques. The skills taught in the LLTTF sessions are intended to improve participants’ ability to enhance their own wellbeing and cope with life’s challenges. People from all walks of life can benefit from Living Life to the Full. LLTTF is delivered by trained facilitators to small groups of 10-15 participants in community settings. The course operates as a community-based partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and local organizations.